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Timeline Index
1798* Napoleon in Egypt – Battle of Pyramides
Lord Nelson – Battle of the Nile
1799* Napoleon's Siege of Acre
1801* The Rosetta Stone in Egypt
1805* Mohommed Ali Pasha – Master of Egypt
First Barbary War “To the Shores of Tripoli”
1812* The Man Who Discovered “Petra” & “Abu Simble”
1842* Afghanistan: “The Graveyard of Empires”
1853* The Crimean War
Turkey - “The Sick Man of Europe”
1867* British Expedition to Abyssinia
Mark Twain Visits the Holy Land
1869* Egypt: The Opening of the Suez Canal
1873* “The Great Game” - Anglo-Russian Rivalry
1875* A Passage to India
1878* Cyprus Under British Flag
Second Anglo-Afgan War
1882* Anglo-Egyptian War
1884* Sudan – The “Mahdi” Revolt
1885* Sudan – General Gordon's Last Stand
1897* Theodor Harzl, the Father of Zionism
1898* The Fashoda Incident
Kaiser Wilhem in Palestine
1902* Man who Coined the Term “Middle East”
1903* Berlin – Baghdad Railway
1905* First Moroccan Crisis
1909* Theodore Roosevelt's African Expedition
1911* Turkish – Italian War in Libya
Second Moroccan – Agadir Crisis
1914* World War One and the Middle East
1915* Turkish Arminian Massacres
Battle for the Suez Canal
Forcing the Dardanelles at Gallipoli
1916* Sykes – Picot Agreement
British Surrender to Turkey at Hut-El-Amara to Turkey
1917* Battles for Palestine and Mesopotamia
The Balfour Declaration
General Allenby Takes Jerusalem
Lawrence of Arabia and the Arab Revolt
1918* Allenby Takes Megiddo (Armageddon)
Allenby Takes Damascus
1919* President Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points
An American President in the M/E???
1920* Partition of the Ottoman Empire
Mesopotamia Oil Boom
1921* Churchill and the Cairo Conference
1922* King Tut was Found in the Valley of the Kings
1923* Turkish Sovereignty Restored
1924* Anglo-Egyptian Condominium
1925* Anglo-Turkish Dispute Over Mosul
1926* Sir Alfred Mond Visits Palestine
1927* Big Gusher in Kirkuk, Iraq
1928* Gulbfenkian's “Red Line Agreement”
1929* Palestine “Western Wall Uprising”
1930* Holy Land in Turmoil
David Low's First Cartoon of Hitler
1931* Libya: Omar Mukhtar, Lion of the Desert
1932* King Iban Saud Founded the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
1933* This Rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany
1935* Mussolini Invades Abyssinia
1936* The “Great Arab Revolt” in Palestine
1937* British Partition Plan for Palestine
1938* “Peace in Our Time” - The Munich Agreement
1939* Hitler Invades Poland – Start of WW2
1940* Battle of the Mediterranean
1941* Battle for the Middle East
1942* Battle of Egypt at El-Alamein
1943* Axis Driven out of North Africa
1944* Jon's “Two Types” Sweep Across the Desert
1945* No Promised Land – The Wandering Jew
1946* Iran-Azerbaijan Crises
Palestine in Flames
1947* U.N. Partition Plan for Palestine
1948* Arab – Israel War
State of Israel is Born
1949* Israel Armistic Lines
The 'Nakba" - Arab Refugees from Palestine
1951* Mosaddek - Premier of Iran
1952* Egytion Revolution
1953* Iran - Overthrow of Massadeq
1954* Gamel Abdel Nasser - President of Egypt
1955* Cyprus Conflict - Enosis or Independence
Border Clashes Between Israel and Egypt
Egypt -Russian Arms Deal
1956* Suez Canal War
British Troops Leave the Suez Canal Zone
Nasser's Seizure of the Suez Canal
Israel Invades the Sinai
Anglo - French Forces Drop on the Canal Zone
1957* Israel Withdraws from Sinai
"The Eisenhower Doctrine"
U.S. Marines Land in Lebanon
1958* "United Arab Republic" Union of Egypt and Syria
Labanon Civil War
Russian Aid to Egypt to Build the Aswan Dam
1959* Iraq Army Revolt
Cyprus Becomes Independent
1960* Adolf Eichmann Captured in Argentina
The Eichmann Trail in Jerusalem
1961* Iraq Threat to Annex Kuwait
British Troops to Kuwait
1962* President De Gaule Grants Algeria Independence
1963* Nuclear Arms Race in the Middle East
1964* Twilight of the British Empire in the Middle East
Cyprus Civil War Between Greeks and Turks
First Stage of the Aswan High Dam
1965* In Memoriam: Sir Winston Churchill
1966* East of Suez
1967* The Six-Day War
1968* Age of Aircraft Hijacking
1969* Suez Canal: War of Attrition
Golda Meir, Israel's New Prime Minister
1970* 'Black September' Jordan-PLO Civil War
In Memoriam: Gamal Abdel Nasser
1971* Guns Fall Silent Across the Suez Canal
1972* Massacre at the Munich Olympics
Soviet Military Advisers Expelled from Egypt
In Memoriam: Olympic Silence
Golda's Revenge - Operation Wrath of God
1973* Henry Kissinger - U.S. Secretary of State
Egypt and Syria Launch an Attack on Israel
1974* Kissinger's 'Shuttle Deplomacy'
President Nixon visit to the Middle East
Golda and Dayan Resign, Rabin Prime Minister
1975* Egypt - Israel Disengagement Agreement
Lebanon Civil War
1976* Operation Thunderbolt: Israeli Raid on Entebbe
Shah of Iran: "Guardian of the Gulf"
1977* Menachem Begin - Prime Minister of Israel
President Sadat's Visit to Jerusalem
1978* Camp David Accards - A Framework for Peace
Noble Peace Prize Awards Jointly to Sadat and Begin
Im Memoriam: Golda Meir
1979* Iran: Fall of the Shah, Rise of Ayattola Khomeini
Iran Hostage Crisis
1980* Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
Iran - Iraq War
Saudi Arabia: "Death of a Princess"
1981* American Hostages in Iran Freed
AWACs Deal WIth Saudi Arabia
Iraq Nuclear Reactor Destroyed by Israel
In Memoriam: Anwar Sadat
Hosni Mubarak: Presidend of Egypt
1982* Israel Marches on Beirut
P.L.O. Forces Leave Beirut
Multinational Force Arrives in Lebanon
Sabra and Shatila Massacre
Assanination of Bashir Gemayel
1983* Israel Report Into The Sabre Shatila Massacre
Berut: Suicide Bomber Kills 241 U.S. Marines
The Travils of Yasser Arafat
1984* U.S. Marines Pullout of Lebanon
Iran and Iraq - War of the Tankers in the Persian Gulf
1985* Israeli Forces Pull Back to a Security Zone in South Lebanon
Hijacking of the Achille Lauro
1986* Iran - Contra Affair
1987* Irangate
1988* First Palesinian Intifada
Russian Army Withdraws from Afghanistan
Iran - Iraq War Ends
The Tragedy of Flight 103
1989* Salmon Rushdie: THe Satanic Verses
1990* Iraq Invasion of Kuwait
"Project Babylon": The Iraqi Supergun
1991* Operation Desert Storm, The Liberation of Kuwait
Iraq Fires Scud Missiles on Israel
Madrid: Mid-East Peace Conference
Saddam Attacks His Own People With Chemical Weapons
1992* Bush's New World Order
1993* World Trade Center Bombing, New York City
The Oslo Accords - Israel and the P.L.O.
1994* The Hebron Massacre
Jordan and Israel Sign a Peace Accord
1995* In Memoriam: Yitzhak Rabin
1996* Boutros-Ghali: U.N. Secretary General
Saudi Arabia - Khobar Towers Bombing
Tunnel Riots in Jerusalem
1997* Israel and the P.L.O. - The Hebron Deal
1998* "Wag the Dog"
1999* Algeria's "Dark Decade" on Civil War
In Memoriam: King Hussein of Jordan
Ehud Barak: Prime Minister of Israel