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1914 - 1918
World War I and the Middle East

The British Empire vs. The Ottoman Empire
World War I Map

Great War: 1914 A

By Raven Hill, 'Punch', November 11, 1914

Turkish Armenian Massacres
Turkey Armenian map

Turkey Armenian Massacre A

By Raven Hill, 'Punch', October 23, 1915

'Over the Corpse of Arminia.'

Turkey Armenia B

Artist Unknown, 'Harper's Weekly', 1915

Turkey Armenian B

By Pearce, 'Rocky Mountain News', Denver, August 1919

Turkey Armenia Masscre C

'Philadelphia Inquire', 1919

Turkey Armenia D

Battle for the Suez Canal

1915 - 1916

Suez Canal map

Turkish army strikes across the Suez Canal in Pontoon boats but are repelled by
British forces. The next attempt to force a crossing of the canal to the 'Africa' side will
occur 58 years later. Whats more, the attack will take place in the same canal vicinity.

World War I 1915

By Raven HIll, 'Punch', February 10, 1915

German officer treading the Sinai Desert on the way to the Suez Canal.

Battle for the Suez Canal A

By Raven Hill, 'Punch', January 12, 1916

On the banks of the Suez Canal.

1853-1916/Battle for the Suez Canal pic 2

Cartoons from 'The Day', New York, 1916

Battle for the Suez Canal C

By Brereton, C.B., 'Reveille', Sydney Australia

New Zealand troops, Feb. 1915, in the 'Battle of the Suez Canal'.

Battle for the Suez Canal D

By La Gurre, 'Documentée French', February 3, 1915

'Indian Expeditionary Force" repulses a Turkish attack on the Suez Canal. Feb 3, 1915

Battle for the Suez Canal E

From 'The Passing Show', Montreal Star, February, 1917

World War One
British forces clear the Ottoman/Turkish forces out ot the Sinai Desert.

Tenniel bio
Alice's Adventure

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The First World War
July 28, 1914


Chain of Freedom

'A Chain of Freedom'
Caption: "If Austria attacks Serbia, Russia will fall on Austria, Germany upon Russia, and France and England upon Germany".


World Cinema

The Kid Auto Race




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